Sunday, 13 January 2019

HWE WrestleTopia Results, Jan. 27, 2019: The Corey Chambers Era Begins

HWE WrestleTopia Pay-Per-View Results for Jan. 13, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to HWE WrestleTopia on the HWE Network, as “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons played, fireworks went off around the stage, and the camera panned across sections of cheering fans. Brown and Sanders talked about the history being made tonight, with HWE's first televised event being presented inside the brand-new HWE Arena in Brooklyn, New York. They then previewed the night ahead, with all of HWE's champions defending their titles for the first time, before Brown sent it to the ring for the opening contest.

“The Hunter” Chris Jackson defeated “The Trendsetter” Cody Olson, “The New Enigma” Noah Prince, Ozerov, “The Ice Man” Silas Sullivan and “The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack (with The Cult) 13:56 by submission in a Six-Pack Challenge, when Olson submitted to the Hunter's Curse, in an HWE International Championship Number One Contenders match. During the match, Prince took out Olson with a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Sullivan hit Jackson with the Icepick as, simultaneously, Ozerov hit Mack with the Excruciator. Both men then backed into each other and turned around, going nose-to-nose and seething at each other before a brawl erupted between them and the crowd exploded. Sullivan and Ozerov exchanged blows before Ozerov clotheslined Sullivan from the ring. However, Sullivan grabbed Ozerov's legs, pulled him out and they continued brawling up the ramp as officials ran out to separate them. Back in the ring, Olson crawled in the ring and began showing off, but he took too much time and, as he approached Jackson to make the cover, Jackson swept his leg, snapped on The Hunter's Curse and forced Olson to submit for the win.

Backstage, a limousine pulled up outside the arena. HWE Champion Alfonso Silva stepped out and Vincent Crashman approached, asking Silva about his first Title defense against Corey Chambers tonight. Silva said that everyone was already counting him out but they shouldn't be, because not only was he The Embodiment of Excellence and a Real Mexican Hero, but he was “the only Mexican the president wants to keep in the country” because “even that idiot knows I'm what this country needs.” Silva added that he became the first HWE Champion because he was better than everybody else, including Corey Chambers, and he'd prove it tonight.

HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver & Johnny Fury) defeated The Maxwells (Trent and Brett) in 9:44 by pinfall following the Baldwin Blues to Trent Maxwell to retain the HWE Tag Team Championships.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia about her match with HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay tonight. Livia said that she'd been dreaming about an opportunity like this since she was a little girl in Brazil, and wouldn't let it slip through her fingers tonight. Suddenly, Madison Hammer appeared and told Livia that she'd better hope she doesn't win the Women's Championship tonight because when Hammer won the Number-One Contenders match, she'd prove that Livia's reign, like her career, was a flash in the pan. Livia said that Hammer had to win first, but if Hammer did, she'd would be more than happy to kick her head off. The crowd exploded as Livia walked away. 

HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay defeated “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia in 10:02 by pinfall following Exquisite Trauma to retain the HWE Women's Championship. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown called the match a “battle of kicks”, pointing out that not only did Clay have her Exquisite Trauma superkick, but Livia had a lethal roundhouse kick, as well. Towards the end of the match, Livia had Clay down and was setting up for said roundhouse when Madison Hammer appeared and grabbed Livia's leg. Livia grabbed Hammer by the hair, pulled her onto the apron and blasted her with a right hand. As Livia turned back to Clay, Clay was on her feet and hit Exquisite Trauma for the pinfall and the win. After the match, Clay celebrated as Hammer walked to the back with a smile on her face.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed “The Crown Prince” Elijah Davenport, with his wife Dakota, about facing HWE International Champion Ezra Jax tonight. Davenport said that the moment everybody had waited for had arrived, because he was about to become the HWE International Champion. Davenport gloated about signing the most lucrative contract in HWE, adding that he didn't need the money, but he knew how to spend it and that was on his beautiful wife. He continued, “As for Ezra Jax, tonight he does the most important thing he'll ever do in his fledgeling career: lose to The Crown Prince on pay-per-view.” Davenport smirked, kissed Dakota, and they walked away.

“The Crown Prince” Elijah Davenport (with Dakota Davenport) defeated HWE International Champion Ezra Jax in 12:35 by pinfall following the Changing of the Guard to win the HWE International Championship. During the match, Jax hit Davenport with the spear and it seemed the match was over, but Dakota put her husband's foot on the rope to break the count. After the match, the referee handed Davenport the title and Elijah kissed Dakota passionately before they laughed at Jax as they left.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed “The Outlier” Serena Bates about the Number-One Contenders match for a shot at the HWE Women's Championship. Bates said that opportunities are like gold dust in this business and she realized that if she failed tonight, she may not get another chance for a long time. Bates said that she also realized that with three opponents the odds were stacked against her, adding, “But that's why they call me The Outlier. Because I do the unexpected. I do what other people can't. I kick down doors and exceed expectations. And that's exactly what I plan to do tonight.” The crowd cheered as Bates walked away.

“The Outlier” Serena Bates defeated “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima, Kaida Sano and Madison Hammer in 15:20 by submission when Hammer submitted to the Serena Lock, to earn a shot at the HWE Women's Championship. Towards the end, Teshima went on a rampage, taking Sano out with a clothesline and throwing Bates into the ring post. Hammer hit Teshima in the back, which angered Teshima further, and when she turned to Hammer, Hammer begged off but Teshima hit her with Blunt Force Trauma and made the pin. Suddenly, Sano dropped The Distresser from the top rope to break the pinfall. Sano pinned Teshima, but Hammer picked her off, threw her out of the ring, and attempted to take the cover for herself. Bates came back in, grabbed Hammer's ankle, and applied the Serena Lock forcing Hammer to tap instantly and give Bates the win. After the match, Bates celebrated as HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay was seen watching on in the back, clutching the championship close to her.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd about facing “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn for an opportunity at the HWE Championship tonight.  Kidd said that he learned from an early age that success was never guaranteed but would always keep his head in the game so that nobody surpassed him. Kidd said that his goal was about more than just him, adding that he wanted to become the HWE Champion for his father, Kenny Kidd, Sr., who never got to see him make it to HWE. He continued, “Tonight, I'm gonna go out there and give it everything I have. I didn't come here to fail. I didn't come here to lose. I came here to make my family proud,” and walked away.

“The Infamous One” Connor Quinn came to the ring and took a microphone. Quinn said that while he knew everybody loved a feel good story, and were buying into Kenny Kidd's “bullsh*t”, tonight wasn't a feel good story. Quinn said, “Because when The Infamous One's in town, you people don't get to feel good. You don't get to see the hero succeed. You don't get what you want: You get what I want. And what I want is beat the crap out of Kenny Kidd, and go on to win the HWE Championship. And here's the best part; after tonight, Kenny Kidd's career will be just like his dad... dead.” Quinn threw the microphone as the crowd booed and, from ringside, Todd Brown called Quinn “classless.”

“The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd defeated “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn in 12:49 by pinfall following a small package to earn a shot at the HWE Championship. During the match, Quinn spent a lot of time taunting the crowd and Kidd, yelling at Kidd that his dreams would never come true as long as Quinn was around. Towards the end, Quinn hit the GFY on Kidd but, instead of pinning him properly, spent time taunting the crowd and put a foot on Kidd's chest. Kidd kicked out at two, which surprised and frustrated Quinn. As Quinn went down to cover Kidd properly, Kidd hooked the small package for the surprise win. After the match, Kidd rolled outside and the referee raised his hand as, back inside the ring, Quinn couldn't believe what had just happened.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders talked about what had just happened, and noted that Kidd would face whoever walked out of HWE WrestleTopia with the HWE Championship tonight. Suddenly, they were interrupted by Quinn who, still furious at his loss, yelled that he was robbed and that Kenny Kidd would suffer. Quinn kicked the steel steps as he left up the ramp, with the fans chanting, “You got pinned!” repeatedly.

Cedric White & Evan Alexander and The Cosa Nostra (Vito Moretti and Aldo Rossi, with Lucky Lorenzo) defeated The Cult (Jakob and Joseph, with Deelon Mack) and DISORDER (Toru Nagata and Koji Goto, with Takara Hidaka) in 19:18 by pinfall when Moretti and Rossi pinned Goto following The Dirt Nap in an 8-Man Tag Team match. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that this match was a preview of this Wednesday on the premiere of HWE ShowDown, as a Tournament would begin to determine the number-one contenders to HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction. After the match, White and Alexander and The Cosa Nostra shook hands and exchanged words, as Michael Sanders noted that the two teams may have to go through one another to get to the HWE Tag Team Championships.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed Corey Chambers about the opportunity to become HWE Champion tonight. Chambers said that he wasn't taking anything away from Alfonso Silva's ability because clearly, he had enough of it to become the first HWE Champion. He continued, “But, what I will be taking away from you, Alfonso, is the HWE Championship. And I'm afraid there's nothing that even our so-called leader in the White House can do to stop that.” Chambers walked away as the fans cheered.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed the event thus far. Brown then noted that they'd learned that Kenny Kidd, who became the number-one contender to the HWE Championship earlier tonight, will meet the HWE Champion for a contract signing this Wednesday on the premiere of HWE ShowDown. Sanders noted that the championship match would take place at HWE's next pay-per-view on Sunday, February 24, at HWE Fallout, and wondered aloud who Kidd would face.

Corey Chambers defeated HWE Champion Alfonso Silva in 21:03 by pinfall following the Corey Cutter to become the new HWE Champion. After the match, the referee handed Chambers the title and he celebrated, hitting all four corners and raising the title to a cheering audience. Fireworks began going off as confetti rained from the ceiling. From ringside, Todd Brown said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Corey Chambers era has just begun!” as the show went off the air.