Sunday, 13 January 2019

HWE WrestleTopia Results, Jan. 13, 2019: Silva defends against Chambers

HWE WrestleTopia Pay-Per-View Results for Jan. 13, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to WrestleTopia as “Rise” by Skillet played, fireworks went off around the entrance, and the camera panned across sections of cheering fans. Brown noted that WrestleTopia marked the first televised event in HWE history streaming exclusively on HWE Network. They then previewed the event, with all of HWE's champions – who won the titles at non-televised events over the last month – defending their titles for the first time. Brown then sent it to the ring for the opening contest.

“The Groundbreaker” Ezra Jax defeated HWE International Champion Deelon Mack in 11:14 by pinfall following the spear, to win the HWE International Championship. Before the match, Mack took a microphone and said that the world was tearing itself apart and it seemed that the apocalypse was near, but said that he had the answer because he was the answer. Mack said that he was not a deity because deities don't exist, but rather he was the only real thing the world could believe in. He added that tonight he'd show “Brother Ezra” the truth. After the match, Jax was handed the championship and became emotional before leaving the ring and celebrating with a group holding a rainbow flag with his name on it at ringside.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed DISORDER – Takara Hidaka, Toru Nagata, and Koji Goto – about their number-one contenders match against Cedric White & Evan Alexander. Hidaka said that if anyone thought that what just happened was indicative of WrestleTopia being a feel-good event, they could forget it. Nagata said that there was no place in HWE for men like White and Alexander, who use their poor upbringing as sob stories to garner fans. Goto added that there was only room for one thing in HWE: disorder. DISORDER walked away as the fans booed.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed Cedric White & Evan Alexander for their response to DISORDER. Alexander said that they don't use their upbringing for anything. He said that it was people like DISORDER, who try to discount them because of the circumstances they grew up in, that motivates them. White said, “You boys better stop worrying about our past and start worrying about your future. As in the one where we leave you flat on your backs.” The crowd cheered as White and Alexander fist-bumped and walked away.

Cedric White & Evan Alexander defeated DISORDER (Toru Nagata & Koji Goto, with Takara Hidaka) in 9:38 by pinfall when Alexander pinned Goto following a splash from White shoulders, to earn an HWE Tag Team Title shot. Before the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that DISORDER competed under Freebird Rules, meaning that any combination could represent the team. DISORDER took advantage of this immediately when it seemed Hidaka would start the match with White, but Goto attacked White from behind to actually start the match.

Backstage, the cameraman was running to the scene of a commotion where a group of referees gathered around EGP who was laid out on the floor. HWE President Oswald Chapman appeared and polled everyone on what had happened, but nobody knew. Chapman looked around, and saw “The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack watching. Chapman approached Mack and said that he presumed Mack had something to do with it. Mack smiled and said, “I didn't lay a hand on that man, Mr. Chapman. But, that does leave you with a conundrum; after all, brother Perez was supposed to compete in tonight's battle royal for a shot at my International Championship, was he not?” Chapman corrected Mack that it was now Ezra Jax's Title. Mack replied, “Brother Ezra has possession of it, but the International Championship is mine. So, I will take brother Perez's place in the battle royal. And then, this Wednesday, I'll take back what's mine.” Mack walked away as Chapman shook his head.

HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver & Johnny Fury) defeated The Maxwells (Trent and Brett) in 10:01 by pinfall following the Baldwin Blues to Brett, to retain the HWE Tag Team Championships.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed EGP being attacked in the locker room earlier, thereby being eliminated from the battle royal for an International Title shot this Wednesday on the premiere of ShowDown. Brown noted that while HWE President Oswald Chapman had fingered Deelon Mack as the culprit, he had no proof and no replacement at short notice, and was begrudgingly allowing Mack to replace EGP. Brown said that he'd no doubt Mack perpetrated the attack to get a quick rematch and called him a sore loser. Sanders told Brown to keep his “conspiracy theories” to himself.

“The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack won a 10-man battle royal in 13:54, last eliminating Noah Prince, to earn an HWE International Title shot this Wednesday on ShowDown. Other participants included: Ozerov, Silas Sullivan, Noah Prince, Cody Olson, Adam Stark, Gafur Maari, Sanchez, Orlando Young and “The Hunter” Chris Jackson. A notable elimination in the match was Sullivan, who was eliminated by Ozerov after a tense stare down led to a brawl and saw Ozerov sidestep Sullivan as he charged at Ozerov, sending Sullivan over the top rope. Sullivan then pulled Ozerov from the ring, and the two brawled up the ramp as officials attempted to separate them. After the match, Mack celebrated and prophesied that he'd recapture the title to fans at ringside as he left.

A vignette aired for the debut of “The Loch Ness Mauler” Brodie Wolfe. Clips of Wolfe decimating opponents prior to coming to HWE was shown, with people being helped out of the ring and even stretchered out of buildings. The screen then faded to black before the words, “Brodie Wolfe... Coming Soon” appeared.

“The Outlier” Serena Bates defeated “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima, Kaida Sano and Madison Hammer in 15:36 by submission when Hammer submitted to the Serena Lock, to earn a shot at the HWE Women's Championship. Towards the end, Teshima went on a rampage, taking Sano out with a clothesline and throwing Bates into the ring post. Hammer then hit Teshima in the back, which angered Teshima further. Hammer begged off, but Teshima hit her with Blunt Force Trauma and made the pin. Suddenly, Sano dropped the Distresser to break the pinfall. Sano pinned Teshima, but Hammer picked her off, threw her out of the ring, and tried to take the cover for herself. Bates came out of nowhere, grabbed Hammer's ankle, and applied the Serena Lock forcing Hammer to tap almost instantly and give Bates the win.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed HWE Champion Alfonso Silva about his first Title defense against Corey Chambers tonight. Silva said that everyone was counting him out but they shouldn't be. Silva said he was a real Mexican hero, and claimed he was the “only Mexican the president wants to keep in the country” because “even that idiot knows how good I am.” Silva added that he was the first HWE Champion for a reason, and it was because he was better than everybody else including Corey Chambers.

HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay defeated “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia in 11:29 by pinfall following Exquisite Trauma to retain the HWE Women's Championship.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd about the 3-Way Elimination match for an opportunity at the HWE Championship.  Kidd said that he knew success was never guaranteed and had learned to keep his head in the game at all times so that nobody ever surpassed him. Kidd said that his goal was bigger than him, and said that he wanted to become the HWE Champion for his father, who never got to see him make it to HWE. He added, “Tonight, I'm gonna go out there and give it everything I have. I didn't come here to fail. I didn't come here to lose. I came here to make my family proud,” and walked away.

Ramsay “Iron Man” Steele defeated “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd and “Infamous” Connor Quinn in 12:49 by pinfall in a 3-Way Elimination match, pinning Kidd, to earn a shot at the HWE Championship.
Order of Eliminations:
- Kenny Kidd eliminated Connor Quinn at 9:30 by pinfall following the Pitbull Stampede.
- Ramsay Steele eliminated Kenny Kidd at 12:49 by pinfall. Kidd hit Steele with the Pitbull Stampede and made the cover, but Quinn came out of nowhere and hit Kidd across the back with a steel chair. He draped Steele's arm over Kidd's chest for a pinfall, thus eliminating Kidd from the match.
After the match, Steele returned to his feet as Quinn stood seething over Kidd with a chair in hand. Steele and Quinn shared a look before Steele left the ring. Back in the ring, Quinn wasn't done with Kidd, continuing the assault with the chair, striking him repeatedly across the back until the chair contorted. Referees filed out from the locker room to stop him, but he pushed some over and threatened the rest. Quinn dragged Kidd outside the ring and pulled him to his feet before ramming him head-first into the ring post. Referees once again got between them and pulled Quinn back as medical officials appeared to tend to Kidd, who'd been busted open.

Backstage, HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay was seen leaving the trainer's room when she bumped into “The Outlier” Serena Bates. They looked at one another for a moment before Bates glanced at the championship on Clay's shoulder. Clay moved her shoulder away from Bates' eyeline, scoffed and walked away.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders reviewed the horrifying actions of Connor Quinn moments ago. Brown revealed that Kidd had been taken to a nearby hospital to get his wound seen to and for tests, and said that they'd have more as and when it became available. They then discussed the premiere of HWE ShowDown this Wednesday, as Sanders questioned who the HWE Champion would be on that night.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed Corey Chambers about the opportunity to become HWE Champion tonight. Chambers said that he wasn't taking anything away from Alfonso Silva's ability because clearly, he had enough of it to become the first HWE Champion. He continued, “But, what I will be taking away from you, Alfonso, is the HWE Championship. And I'm afraid there's nothing that even our so-called leader in the White House can do to stop that.” Chambers walked away as the fans cheered.

Corey Chambers defeated HWE Champion Alfonso Silva in 19:03 by disqualification when Silva intentionally shoved the referee. As a result, Chambers did not win the HWE Championship. Towards the end of the match, Silva had Chambers in the sharpshooter but Chambers got to the ropes. Silva refused to break the hold, forcing the referee to pull him off of Chambers. Silva argued with the referee before turning his attention back to Chambers, who shot into the air for the Corey Cutter. Silva managed to get away and slithered to the other side of the ring, taken aback. Realizing his title reign was in jeopardy, Silva shoved the referee down, leaving him no choice but to call for a disqualification. After the match, Chambers was clearly frustrated as Silva demanded that the timekeeper hand him his championship. Silva got in Chambers' face, flaunting the title at him. Having had enough, Chambers hit the Corey Cutter and the fans exploded. Chambers picked up the title and looked at it, before laying it on Silva's chest. Chambers left the ring, clearly frustrated, as the show closed on a shot of an unconscious Silva in the ring.